Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier Review, Price, Specification & Pros

havells max ro uv

Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier Review, Price, Specification & Pros


Today we are going to Review Havells Max RO UV water purifier with specification and features. If you are looking for the best water purifier so you are in the right place. Brief explanation with pros and cons. Let’s take an overview of Havells max 7 liters Ro Uv water purifier. 


havells max ro uv


Before we talk in detail just have a look at the establishment of Havells. Qimat Rai Gupta is the founder of Havells. From 1958 he was making the best products in the market to maintain the quality of Havells water purifiers. That’s Why Havells is the most trustworthy purifier in India. There are so many models available in havells, here we are discussing Havells Max RO UV. It comes with Seven stage purification technology.


The very interesting point of this purifier is it comes with a very unique design that easily fits in every corner and makes your kitchen a different look. This purifier has a pretty solid water purification system.


Features of Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier


Purification Technology RO+UV
Purification Stages 7
Storage 7L
Weight 8KG
Dimensions 38.2 x 38.2 x 42 cm
Purifier Material Food Grade Plastic
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power Rating 45 W


Some Extra Features of Havels Max RO


Smart User Interface – Easy to understand with various options. 


Removable Tank – You can easily remove the water tank for cleaning.


Error Indication – Give an indication if any critical error appears.


Purification Process Indicator – Light blink when the purification process is on


Tank Full Indicator – Light blinks when the tank is full.


Voltage Fluctuations – In many areas, there is a voltage fluctuation problem due to some serious reasons which can harm your kitchen appliances. But Havells max water purifier performs well in such types of cases. This performs well in the range of between 170-330V which means if the voltage drops below 170 V and if it exceeds 330V it gives 100% protection from damage.   


iProtect Purification Monitoring Technology – It monitors the purification process which means if any intellectual failure is detected then its automatically shuts off the water flow which ensures that the water you drink is always healthy and safe. 


Design and Build


havells max ro uv


As we discussed, this water purifier has a unique design. As it was mounted on a flat wall as well. Tap design is also very unique and provides a better facility to dispense water.


Havells Max 7-ltr RO UV water purifier has Zero Splash Faucet facility, it provides hygienic and healthy water to drink with smooth water flow.


Havells Max water purifier has a glass tray that looks prettier and makes an attractive and compact design for the kitchen. This tray is detachable which helps you to fit the bottle in that space. 


Indication Flow:



  • Power and error Indicator: In this, it will notify whether your water purifier is on or off and notify when if some error occurs.




  • Purification Process


  • Tank Indicator: This indicates the level of water in the tank.




Havells Max water purifier comes with advanced technology, when the tank is showing full indication on the panel, you don’t have to turn off the water purifier manually, it will automatically turn off.


Havells Max Water Purification Process :


As we discussed this Havells max water purifier RO UV comes with 7 purification stages.


Sediment Cartridge:


In this stage, it will remove sediments from the water like clay, dust particles.


Active Carbon Cartridge:


In this stage, It removes the bad taste and odour causing contaminants from water.


Reverse Osmosis Membrane:


RO Membrane consists of minute pores. It blocked dissolved solid particles and salt from the water and allow water molecules to pass through it.


Germicidal UV Chamber:

 In this stage of purification, you will get a UV bulb. It will remove bacteria and viruses from water exposure.


Mineralz Cartridge :


This stage helps to balance the PH level of purifier water. It also naturally adds-back essential salts and minerals to make water tastier and healthy.


Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer:


This is the last stage of purification which removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from water and adds sparkling texture which improves the taste of water


Revitalizer Cartridge :


It improves hydration and mineral absorption. This makes purified water more healthier and the Human body easily absorbs more effectively. 


Specification of Havells Max 7 Ltr RO+UV Water Purifier


Model Name Max
Total Capacity 8 Ltr
Purifying Technology RO+UV
Purification Stages 7 Stages
Flow Rate 15 Ltr/Hour
Power Rating 45 W
Pressure Rating 06-30PSI
Input Voltage Range 50 Hz, 230 V
Width  38.2Cm
Height 49Cm
Depth 27.3Cm




  1. Removable Tank
  2. Advance Alert Tank
  3. Attractive and Compact Design
  4. 100% Water Passes through UV & RO
  5. Revitalizer cartridge Technology which makes water 
  6. Zero Flash faucet

Wrapping Up 


Apart from compact and space-saving design Havells Max RO UV water purifier has some extra amazing features like iProtect Purification Monitoring Technology, Error indicator, Low Water pressure, UV failure alert, 7 stage purification process and etc.


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