10 Best Gravity Based Non Electric Water purifier in India 2020 – Reviews | Comparission

best non electric water purifier

Best Non-Electric Water purifier in India


You are looking for the right water purifier based on gravity? Will you doubt the various brands on the market? Looking for your home in the category of non electrical water purifiers?


Oh, oh! Well! You’re at the right place, as your confusion will be cleared before the end of this post.


The gravity based water purifier is an affordable and efficient drinking water solution. When, however, the municipal firms refuse to provide your home with water, we recommend that the RO water purifier be chosen.


Such water purifiers use UF technology (ultra-filtration) to eliminate impurities such as grit, gravel, dust, and chlorine as well as microorganisms such as cysts and bacteria. They are available in several sizes, require lower maintenance, are economical, and operate without electricity.


There is no access to clean water in many places in India. For some countries, the level of drinking water is not comparable to the minimum requirements despite having a water treatment facility.


The crucial thing for survival is safe drinking water. You can live for a month without milk, but with no more than two days without safe drinking water. It is in survival planning, first, we are told to find water and shelter and then search for food if we remain in an uncomfortable location.


We suggest taking a few factors to pick the Best Non Electric water purifier in India.


Purification Rate

This ranges from 5 liters per hour to 120 liters an hour from one purifier to the next. Generally, if beverages and preparation are included, a person drinks a day 2.7 liters or 3.7 liters. Depending on this, measure and select the optimum household water usage.


Filter Life Capacity

Upon creating a sufficient amount of liquids, filters must be replaced. You will ought to carefully test the filter life and determine how much the filter needs to be replaced. Decide whether or not the replacement level is right for you. Fiber life is on average between 1500 and 4000 liters of gas.


Water Tank Capacity

The number of family members is usually dependent. 10 liters of water purifier is suitable for couples or bachelors. We suggest 15 liters for medium-sized families. And 20 to 25 liters are adequate for large volumes.



Stainless steel and plastic are the most common materials for gravity filters. The most favored element is stainless steel since it is cheaper and more robust. It’s expensive, though. Plastic is cheaper, but not long-lasting.



Today we will study Top 10 Non Electrical Water Purifier India 2020. As for these gravity-based water purifiers, electricity is not required, so they are inexpensive and handy in your pocket. Let’s look at the following list:


10 Best Gravity Based Non Electric Water Purifier in India 2020 – Reviews | Comparission


1. Whirlpool Destroyer 6-Litre Water Purifier

The water purifier of the whirlpool works without fuel. Cleaning power one day 6 liters and one year’s guarantee. Electro Adsorption Technology is used for the purifier, which works successfully with filters operating under 4 filters.


We preserve water and keep it safe with the necessary basic minerals. This gravity-based water purifier has an auto-shut-off option, which works efficiently, not waste water during the purification process. Water is filtered in five steps, pre-filtration and 4-in-1 EAT filtration. After 5 to 6 months, filters need to be changed and purifier flow rate 1 liter per minute

Key Features

  • Water is filtered by 5 steps, i.e. one pre-filter and four EAT filters.
  • Tank Capacity Six Litres
  • Works under low water pressure conditions
  • One year warranty



  • Easy to be installed
  • Six times the purification quality of water purifiers relative to RO
  • Zero power consumption
  • Self-Serviceable
  • No water-wastage



  • Works well with a TDS of up to 500 ppm and you have to make sure your water TDS is before you buy it.
  • You don’t have to go for it if the water in your area is terrible. This is suitable for urban water treatment.
  • Not good after-service.
  • After around 6 months, the tank will become dirty

2. Pureit Advanced 23 Litre Gravity Water Purifier

Double-layered water purifier Pureit helps provide pure drinking water and the purifier size is 23 liters. The purifier is designed for gravity and energy free operation. The purifier extracts 1 crore virus from 1 liter of water and has an automated energy-saving feature.


The purifier is of high-quality acrylic and is unbreakable. The purifier works in a four-stage process: preprogrammed sprout kill device, an advanced mesh of microfiber, carbon polishing system, and membrane of micro-charges.


The macro loaded membrane in the purifier increases the purification of impurities, eliminates contaminants and odors from water by activating a carbon stream. The germ kill kit helps to remove microorganisms and shows when necessary.

Key Features

  • Purified Water capacity of 9 Litres.
  • The total capacity of 23 Litres
  • It has a multi-stage purification process
  • Auto shut off



  • The flavor of the water is holding without scent.
  • Without using toxic additives, water is filtered.
  • An instruction manual is issued for simple installation and maintenance.



  • You will dump the water first and then you will have to do the same if you use it after 4-5 days.
  • This can shake the system very easily and reduce productivity and life if you use slow water.
  • This is appropriate for urban or soft water alone; not for harmful salt rough water or soil.
  • Needs water forcing manually.
  • Required carbon polisher and mesh to be washed twice in one week to achieve the optimum water quality.

3. HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic Gravity Based Water Purifier 23-Litre

HUL is an electrical-free gravitational water purifier. The water purifier has a capacity of 23 liters and requires four-step purification processes. The carbon trap is triggered to remove contaminants from the atmosphere.


The auto-shutoff systems are given, which saves water and ensures purity. The germ kill package removes germs, bacteria, and the life of 1500 liters from the water and is suggested for modification as necessary.


The in-purifier virus elimination system extracts 1 crore virus in 1 liter of water. It consists of high-end unbreakable plastic, and a 6-month warranty is given for the purifier. The cleanser is EPA-certified.

Key Features

  • This has a survival predictor for the science of germ-killing
  • The capacity for clean water is 9 Litres.
  • The total capacity is 23 Litres.
  • Auto shut off technology.
  • 6 months manufacturer’s warranty.



  • Doesn’t require tap connection.
  • There is no need for installation. Only put it on the spot and start using it immediately.
  • Requires cleaning once in a month only.
  • The lifecycle is expected to be 1500 liters for germination and the current package costs Rs.500/- and since this is an electrically powered water purifier, these two factors make this device incredibly cost-effective.



  • You will dump the first ton of filtered water. You may have to remove the first load of a filter, as it may include contaminants from the polisher, as you use the substance for a long time.
  • Not suitable for gritty and salty weather. Only good for industrial or warm drinking.
  • No auto-fill provision is there.
  • No provision of the wall hanging.

4. Kent Gold Star 22-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

The Kent launch water purifier is a water purifier based on gravity that uses ultrafilters to extract bacteria, cysts, and chemicals such as Chlorine, iodine from water. A water purifier on only gravity can also be mounted on the wall.


Should be placed on top of kitchens almost all other related water purifiers. The water purifier is processed at 14 liters, while the raw water is 8 liters.


The purifier contains the sediment-filter to remove the visible particle and to activate the carbon filter that removes the odor of the water and purifies the water.

Key Features

  • It is a water purifier for gravity, along with the application of Ultra-Filtration (UF).
  • 8 Liters in the raw water tank
  • The capacity of 14 Litres of purified water
  • One year warranty



  • It takes about 10 minutes to quickly mount and take. The handbook and assistance are given
  • Plastic that is sturdy and strong
  • Large storage capacity
  • Non-Electric
  • The chemical-free water purification process



  • Counter to that, the purifier requires a lot of repairs.
  • After several months, the efficiency of this water purifier degrades.
  • The filter needs to be cleaned regularly (approximately 2 times a day) because the membrane is filthy. You won’t get purified water if you don’t do so. The method is highly hectic.

5. Kent Gold Plus UF Gravity Water Purifier

The Kent water purifier is a gravity water purifier that is designed to kill dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, cysts, and materials that are engineered by ultrafiltration technology.


The carbon coating of nano-silver prevents water disinfectants. Sediment and an activated carbon filter, which removes visible and bad smells from the water, are contained in the purifier. The purifier extracts and makes water consumable contaminants such as ammonia, bromine, and iodine.


This is made from clear polycarbonate, non-breakable foodstuff, the tank for cleaning can be removed. This makes it easy to vacuum and can be placed wall or stored on top of the fridge. The storage tank is detachable.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Filtration (UF) technology that removes dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria. Cysts and viruses.
  • Capacity is seven Litres
  • One year Warranty



  • Sturdy and durable plastic.
  • Purification capacity of one liter/minute.
  • Chemical-free water purification process.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Easy installation.
  • It is self-serviceable.



  • Needs to be cleaned frequently.
  • Only safe to use with the city water because the whole bacterial content can not be removed so that it can not be used with completely untreated water.

6. Eureka Forbes 20-Litres Gravity Based Non electric Water Purifier

From its inception, Eureka Forbes has produced high performing goods. This covers various products such as a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, juicer, and other products.


Over a family of 4–5 people, this Eureka gravitational water purifier is perfect because it has 20 liters of water power. Even, after unpacking you can use it, as it does not need to be installed.


A two or one bachelor family can only use it for a day or more as 20 liters can last. Due to three levels of gravitational purification, you will drink filtered.


Once the tank is empty, a translucent body may be easily told. Thanks to the sturdy and strong high-quality plastic content you can hold it as long as you want.

Key Features

  • TDS:- Up to 350 TDS
  • Type of Tank: a food-grade plastic
  • Technology: Gravity based water purification
  • The stock of 1500 liters means that drinking water is still readily available
  • Warranty details: 6 months on product
  • Type: Non-electric with storage



  • Transparent body
  • Food-grade plastic material
  • gravity-based technology
  • 20 liters of capacity
  • Brings TDS level within the standard limits
  • Non-electric
  • Chemical-free



  • Not certified by WQA, USA gold
  • Filters need to be changed in 4-5 months

7. EuroSleek 25-Litres Gravity Based Non electric Water Filter

EuroSleek sells a range of high-quality products, home, and other items.


This EuroSleek gravity water purifier is ideal for any nuclear family, business use, travel, or even gymnastical use, as this will handle 25 liters. It is a great option.


Without straining the neck, you can put it anywhere in the house because it is lightweight. Often, the stainless steel material is very durable and can be used for a long time.

Key Features

  • Hotels, resorts, buses, campsites, natural disasters, or environmental disasters. Trip or use at home
  • This growing toxic bacteria, alga,e, and parasites in waterborne. The microporous candles are made of specially designed pottery to remove impurities highly effectively.
  • Lightweight, Safe & crystal clear drinking.
  • The cleanable ceramic filter extends filter life
  • Economical, cost-effective, and electricity-free. Clear smoking and healthy & crystal clear.



  • Stainless steel material
  • Ceramic filters
  • 25 liters of capacity
  • Non-electric
  • Chemical-free



  • Not transparent
  • Quite heavier than plastic ones

8. Tata Swach 15-Litres Gravity Based Non Electric Water Purifier

Tata Swach aims to offer robust air purifiers, water cleaners, and another service to its customers.


With the silver nanotechnology, this product from Tata Swach will kill around 100 Crore bacteria in 1 liter of water. This product is safe drinking water.


Its gravity-based water purifier can also be used entirely as it is internationally recognized and certified for supplying odorless drinking water of superior quality.


A double / three or bachelor family can comfortably use this because it is fitted with a 15-liter water holding capacity. The color of the choice can also be selected in two shades – new green and blue saffron.

Key Features

  • Shrink pack size Four
  • Storage capacity: 7.5 liters
  • Total capacity: 15 liters
  • Purification capacity: 1500 liters
  • Auto-shutoff mechanism
  • Worldwide known for its outstanding performance
  • Easy to vacuum, quick to install.
  • Removes 1 liter of water from 100 million bacteria and 1 crore virus
  • Sturdy design and translucent body



  • Translucent body
  • Nano-technology
  • 15 liters of capacity
  • Non-electric
  • Chemical-free



  • Not good plastic

9. KENT 10-Litres Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier

Kent is a leading producer of specialized medical goods such as air purifiers, vacuum-cleaning agents, water purifiers, and others located in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida.


A small family or bachelor can comfortably store 5 liters of raw and 5 liters of filtered water, but not only that but also. Within minutes after filling the purifier, you should still drink the purified water because it will pump 0.31 liters a minute.


The ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane is popular for filtering water exclusively, and the purifier employs the same filtration technique.


This can be preserved for several years as it consists of ABS food plastic which doesn’t contaminate water, then increases the purifier’s lifetime.


Moreover, the purifier does not use chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, or iodine. To affect our safe drinking water, the purifier prevents the cysts of bacteria.


For a fact, you can tax you nothing on most of your energy bill. Because it has a clear surface, you will be informed of the water filing specifications.


Key Features

  • UF filtration 4000 litters
  • No substances such as chlorine, bromine, or iodine that used purify the drinking water are tastier and healthier.
  • WQA, US authorized gold seal
  • Transparent tank made of ABS high-grade plastic that can not be broken
  • Ultrafiltration filter washing of hollow fiber. Using nano-silver carbon to enhance water disinfection
  • Storage Tank Capacity Five liters
  • One Year Warranty



  • WQA, USA gold seal certified
  • Transparent body
  • ABS food-grade plastic material
  • UF technology
  • 10 liters of capacity
  • Brings TDS level within the standard limits
  • Non-electric
  • Chemical-free



  • A family of 5 can not be enough

10. Prestige 18-Litres Gravity Based Non Electric Water Purifier

This company is the largest kitchen equipment firm in India that offers products that are clean, creative, and highly trustworthy.


For any home, bachelor’s, office, or even travel uses this non electric water purifier is very safe and reliable as it provides water holdings up to 18 liters.


It comes with a robust, long-lasting plastic design. The clear body also helps you to test the water level equally from a distance.


The retailer is also recommended not to bring it under the sun as it could impede its plastic quality. Every 15 days you can clean the vacuum and ensure that it runs properly and should not throw hot water into it.

Key Features

  • For any family, bachelors, office or even travel, the purifier is very safe and sturdy
  • In every 15 days, you can wash the cleaner
  • sturdy plastic design
  • the water-holding capacity of 18 liters
  • The cleanser will not absorb dissolved salts.



  • High-quality plastic material
  • 18 liters of water capacity
  • Non-electric
  • Chemical-free



  • No warranty
  • Tap water leakage issue


It is part of everybody’s life even if the drink is toxic, and the body and mind are the same. We must purchase a cleaner to drink safe water in this pollutant age, so we suggest a KENT 10-L gravity-based water purifier, which suits ideally to the specifications of your cleaning, Brings the TDS to its level, has a strong, non-polluting, and in just minutes clean water.


We will suggest addressing the stainless steel gravity-based water purifier, which is available in a durable frame and can retain up to 25 liters, and which does not require any filtration chemicals.


Please write to us in the comment section if you do have any concerns about water purifiers, and we will ensure that all questions are addressed.



Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

What products are suitable for water purifier based on gravity?

Kent, HUL, Pureit, Eureka Forbes, Tata Swatch, and Aquaguard are the leading brands providing gravity water purification. Efficient and high-quality goods are offered by all these brands.


What is Ultra-Filtration?

UF is a hydrostatic pressure filtration membrane cycle which is used to move water through a semi-permeable membrane. This eliminates the largest dissolved toxins and other colloidal particles from 0.01 to 1.0 μm from the surface.


May I use a gravity-based water purifier in a town?

Yes, but that would be based on water content, as it will be impossible to extract if it contains calcium or other hard substances.


Could I use a filter for a lifetime in a gravity-based water purifier?

No, as filters can not come at a certain cap with the potential to purify water. This will range between 1500-4000 liters. And buy the one that will last 2 years or more, all you can do is.


How do I use a gravity water purifier into consideration?

Such water filters are suitable for a water supply corporation or municipality. We have no toxic elements such as arsenic or plum. The water with TDS levels below 300 ppm is typically advised.

You can use them because the water supply is the same. You will not use energy to operate, but you can do it well in places where power shortages are normal. You do not require a constant supply of water because you can’t have fresh water for places.


Is it safe in villages to use a gravity water purifier?

Indeed, but it depends primarily on the source of water. If the water is in the river or groundwater, then calcium or some other substance is difficult to filter in it for filters of gravity-based water purifier. In advance, test the TDS rates. You should use gravity-based water filters if the TDS values are below 300ppm.


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