best foot massager in india

Nowadays, when everything has become advanced and everyone is busy in their life. Whether men or women both have to work for fulfilling their basic needs and manage the home at the same time. All these things exert a boundless amount of pressure on our mind and body. In all this, the area of the body which suffers a lot is our foot because it carries our whole body for the intact day which causes uneasiness and pain. Getting a foot massage at the end of the day is like a dream come true.

Investing in a foot massager is good it’s like a god sent option to pamper your feet. If you guys don’t want to spend a lot of money on foot therapy and foot massage experts you can easily go for this less expensive technique of foot massagers. So, as to make your hectic day exceptionally relaxing and easy we have scrutinized for getting “the best foot massager in India”. The best foot massagers in India are listed below:


  1) Lifelong LLM99 Foot, leg, and Calf Massager.

2) JSB Hf51 Leg Foot Massager Machine

3) Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager for Pain Relief with Kneading and functions.

4) Health Sense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager

5) Robot touch Classic Plus Foot Massager

6) GHK foot and leg massager machine

7) Hesley LUX 1 calf and leg massager machine

8) Dr . physio shiatsu electric powerful foot massager

9) Health genie leg and foot massager

10) JSB HF05 leg foot massager




So, now we have prepared a list of 10 best foot massager in India which gives you a review about 10 best foot massager. So, that you don’t have to visit various sites for this. It contains a rating as well as price. Initially, the best foot massager comes in our record is:


  S.NO           BEST FOOT MASSAGERS         PRICE

LIFELONG LLM99 foot, calf, and leg massager






     JSB Hf51 leg foot massager machine






Agaro relaxing foot massager for pain relief





Health sense LM 310- touch foot massager with heat






Robot touch classic plus foot massager






GHK leg and foot massager machine






Hesley LUX 1 leg, and calf massager machine






Dr . physio shiatsu electric powerful foot massager






Health genie foot and leg massager






         JSB HF05 leg foot massager




  • Lifelong LLM99 Foot, leg, and calf massager



Lifelong LLM99 foot, calf, and leg foot massagers have flexible kneading pads that provide you a spa-like experience at home. Its special mechanism gives a roller massage to your feet and squeezes your feet, ankle, and calf at the same time, and this is the best foot massager in India

Additional features:

  •         Lifelong LLM99 has 4 different modes in it – kneading, vibrating, heating, and rolling programs -based acupressure massage therapy.
  •         It helps in blood circulation as well as relieves muscle tension.
  •         it maintains blood pressure, improves body flexibility and balance, relaxes the body, and also strengthens the muscles.
  •         It presses all the pressure points lies on the sole of the feet and relieves all nerves of the body.


   Things we liked personally are:

  1. It is durable.
  2. It focuses on acupressure points.
  3. Its performance is superior.
  4. It is ergonomically designed.
  5. It has customized operations.
  6. It has automatic 15 minutes turn off.


  • JSB Hf51 Leg Foot Massager Machine


  •         JSB HF51 leg foot massage machine is the best foot massage machine as it gives effective heated massage with its unique u-shaped body.
  •         One can easily use it while sitting or sleeping.
  •         It helps in stimulating blood circulation in men as well as women.
  •         It has relaxing reflexology vibration plates on the sole and also has roller massagers for relaxation.
  •         I year JSB warranty provided with doorstep services all over India,


   Things we personally liked are:

  1. It is sturdy and durable.
  2. It gives you a strong massage so that you don’t need any specialist.
  3. It has two heavy-duty motors.
  4. This machine is easy to use.
  5. JBS promises to provide good service.



  • Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager for relieving pain with  unique  Kneading  functions


  •         Agaro relaxing foot massager has kneading and rolling massage features along with heat therapy for better blood circulation, pain relief, and muscle relaxation, and reducing stress.
  •         It has three manual massage options as well as three automatic massage modes- to massage your calf and sole effectively.
  •         For uniform massage distribution, it has its unique shape concave-convex.
  •         It has auto 15 minutes shut off
  •         It also has a year warranty.

.     This foot massager machine is more comfortable and the best foot massager in India


   Things we personally liked are:

  1. It has customized massaging options
  2. It gives a soothing kneading massage
  3. It stimulates your sole.
  4. It gives you a washable cover
  5. The Controls in the machine are very user friendly.


  • Health Sense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager with Heat


  •         Health sense LM 310 gives a rejuvenating and relaxing journey to your aching feet.
  •         It works on a bipedal reflexology system with heal touch which gives full foot massage by pressing important points of both feet simultaneously.
  •         It is durable, reliable as well as efficient.
  •         In this foot massage, you can easily adjust the massage pattern as well as intensity as per your needs and enjoy a soothing spa experience at home.
  •         It has a unique concave-convex shape for proper distribution.
  •         It massages acupressure points for long-lasting relief.



     Things we personally liked are:

  1.   It has a perfectly framed compact design.
  2.   Experience complete three- dimensional massage – toes, arch, heels.
  3.   It has a convenient touchpad control panel which is really easy to use.
  4.   It has an open heating design.


  • Robot touch Classic Plus Foot Massager


  •         Robot touch classic Plus foot massager is an extension of its old classic version. It is built to deliver joy, relief.
  •         It is powered by built-in sole rollers with heating function
  •         It works at three different levels of speed you can adjust it according to you.
  •         It has a special massaging function for the knee area.
  •         It is aesthetically designed for providing relief to your tired feet, which needs to be taken care of.



    Things we personally like are:

  1. It contains 30 calf airbags.
  2. It will give you a warm therapy effect.
  3. It has a back wheel.
  4. The up and down section can turn 110 degrees.


  • GHK leg and foot massager machine


  • GHK leg and foot massager is a great product for elderly people, people who basically have pain in the areas such as the foot, calves, or legs.
  • It has flexible kneading pads which actually feels like a real massage.
  • It has 10-15-20 minutes auto-shutoff.
  • It also has a zip of hand washable liner fabric.
  • Its weight is 11kg and 300 grams.


    Things we personally liked are:

1) Easy access to on/off program control pad.

2) It has 6 pre-set programs- three for vibration and three for kneading.

3) It is made up of modern technology.



  • Hesley LUX- 1 calf and leg massager machine


The Hesley luxury premium foot and calf massager will give you a relaxing and soothing massage that increases your comfort. It will make you feel like a spa at home. It is one of Hesley’s best foot massagers.


It is an all in one convenient massager as it recovers overstressed feet and relaxes muscles after a long period of standing. This product is helping the  people who are suffering:

  •         Sore feet, ankles, and heels
  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Plantar fasciitis
  •         Circulatory issues
  •         Stress
  •         In need of instant pains


    Things we personally liked are:

1) It gives a powerful reflexology massage

2) It has a removable sleeve cover

3) It has effective kneading rollers with heat function.

4) It is really easy to carry and convenient to store.


  • Dr Physio shiatsu electric powerful foot massager


Dr Physio shiatsu electric powerful machine has three modes- the synergetic combination of kneading, vibration, and heating actions, which helps in releasing muscle tension as well as improves blood circulation in the whole body.


This best foot massager in India provides you a variety of massages such as kneading massage, acupoint massage, air pressure massage, scraping massage, rolling massage, and calf massage which makes it the best foot massager.


It has rubber pads which are really flexible to use.


   Things we personally liked are:

1) This product is very easy in cleaning

2) It has an anti-slip bottom surface.

3) It has heating as well as a vibration system

4) It has speed and auto on\off control.


  • Health genie foot and leg massager


This leg and foot massager machine is for pain relief with the special rubber kneading pads for effective massage of the foot, ankle, and calf at a time.

It helps in promoting blood circulation in both men and women. It has different modes of vibration and three modes for kneading. It can be used while sitting and sleeping as well.


   Things we personally liked are:

1)                It has a one-year warranty

2)                It has heat functions

3)                It is lightweight

4)                It promotes blood circulation in the body




JSB HF05 Leg and foot massager relieves pain with its 3 different modes of vibration and 3 modes of kneading. It also has a relaxing reflexology vibration plate on the sole. It has special rubber kneading pads.

It is effective in curbing problems like – varicose veins, foot pain, calf pain, knee pain, and arthritis.

It has a one-year JSB national warranty along with doorstep services all over India.


   Things we personally liked are:

1) It is very easy to use

2) One can use it while sitting\reclining

3) It contains heavy-duty motors

4) It gives strong massage which can give instant relieve




  1. Helps and prevents ankle injuries
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety
  4. Helps with headaches and migraines
  5. Lowers blood pressure
  6. Helps with flat feet
  7. Helps with plantar fasciitis
  8. Helps alleviate symptoms of menopause and PMS
  9. Reduces the effect of the enema on pregnant women
  10. It’s good for your sex life




  1. Sometimes it is really expensive.
  2. Sometimes it is not the same as the services of a qualified expert.
  3. Not every massage is good when it comes to pain
  4. You should always be aware of some contradictions and potential dangers.
  5. It can also cause serious damage to nerves due to high vibration. So, consult a doctor before using some kind of massager.





We need the best foot massager in our home as feet are the only part in our body that holds the weight of our intact body. So, at the end of the day, they need to be relaxed. A foot massager can relax the whole body as our all nerves are connected with our foot. They also regulate blood in our system, reduces stress as well as eases pain.





The best foot massager is one that relaxes all your nerves and makes you feel stress-free which improves blood circulation and stimulates your muscles. The foot massaging machines are of different mechanisms – infrared, shiatsu, water massage, and vibration. I personally recommend you foot massager which has shiatsu mechanism in it. The price of best foot massager in India depends on the selection of machinery mechanism in it.


  • Important features to consider in the best foot massager


CUSHION SURFACE: Must check the area of the massager where you place your calf and foot check whether it is fully cushioned or not because it is the one responsible for providing half relieve to your feet.


STYLE: One of the important factors while choosing a foot massager is to select that foot massager that best suits your comfort. There are two major kinds of food massagers – manual and electric foot massager. It depends on your comfort or style which type of massager suits you the most.


SPEED: The user has an option to choose a speed according to his massaging experience. So, must check whether your massager has it or not.


HEAT: Another important factor while purchasing a foot massager is that you must check the amount of heat the massager gives because heat helps in increasing blood circulation in men and women and also helps in removing the pain.




1)   Manual foot massagers


Manual foot massagers are like a tube that one can simply place on the floor and easily roll their feet on these massagers, from feet to toe. Some manual foot massagers are made up of multiple rollers in them which can simply massage the whole foot at one time. Here are some best foot massager in India one must give a try:


  •         Footlog: If you are in a field that requires a lot of standing, running, walking then this is the best foot massager for you. You must go for it. It costs very less which can give you relief in just a few minutes.


  •       Foot Rubz Foot Massage Ball: Here is another massager that cost very less but can provide you relief instantly. Even some doctors recommend this foot massager as it provides relief from plantar fasciitis which is one of the common foot problems which can cause serious pain.


  •       TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller: This is a foot massager in the shape of rollers that can massage both the foot at a time. It is basically for relieving foot and heel pain caused due to plantar fasciitis and other major foot problems.



2)  Electric foot massagers


                If you want to get a massage like an expert foot therapist, then this is the type of tool you need and even at lower prices. It is a modern way to get rid of foot pain. Electric foot massager machines have two different functions:

                   1) back and forth motion

                   2)rolling motion.


  •       Foot Vibe Vibration Massager: if you want your foot sole to get a soothing massage then this is the best foot massager for you. This massager provides you a vibrating effect that can heal your nerve blockage in any part of the body as all nerves of the body are connected with our foot. Also, if you are looking for the best acupressure massager then this is for you.                                                                                                                


  •       Shiatsu Kneading Foot Calf Leg Massager: For relieving the pain of your foot, calves and legs, then you need a large foot massager, which is here. It has five massage techniques- shiatsu, kneading, rolling, vibration, and heating.


  •       SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager: This electric foot massager can relieve your pain in just a few seconds with its kneading and infrared heating features. This machine can give you reflexology or acupressure treatment at home.


  •         Medi massager MMF06 variable speed foot massager: If one is looking for a powerful or strong foot massager then is the best foot massager for you. This is the most powerful and strong foot massager among them all for clinical use.





In the end, I would like to conclude that having the best foot massager in India is a must. Because at the end of the day we all deserve to be relaxed. If you have one you will never be tired, you will never have foot pain. And yes, not only this it has many other benefits like it stimulates blood circulation and releases stress, etc.


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Is foot massage good for health?


Yes, having the best foot massager at home is really helpful as it helps in blood circulation, reducing stress, reduces depression and anxiety. It has a lot of health benefits one should use foot massager once a day.


What is the best ankle and foot massager?


RENPHO   foot massager is the best foot massager for ankle and foot pain.


How often do we use foot massager a day?


3 times a day

Basically, it depends on the level of pain one is suffering and the type of machine one is using, using the best foot massager is necessary. Otherwise according to doctors, one should use a foot massager 3 times a day.


    Do foot massagers help with neuropathy?


                     Yes, a foot massager helps in removing the discomfort on is facing by peripheral neuropathy.  Hiring a therapy expert can be very expensive but one can easily bear the cost of a foot massager.

                  Are vibrating massagers are safe?

                 Vibrations may be dangerous when used at high intensity. It can result in severe back pain and lumbar injuries. So, one must consult a doctor before using some kind of vibrating massagers.

               Is daily massage harmful?

          Although foot massagers are safe for use. But consult a doctor if you have some serious medical issue before using a massager daily.

                Do foot massagers really work?

          Yes, absolutely they work. It stimulates blood circulation, reduces tension, releases muscle stress, and often eases pain.


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