Do you want to have a healthy and fit body? But can’t oppose the appetizing fried snacks.


Your doctor has recommended you to consume less oil in your meals?

So, if you have a yes to the above questions then an air fryer is a perfect solution for you. Yes, air fryers are expensive but you don’t have to worry about the budget. Because today in this article we are going to provide you a list of 10 best air fryers under 5000 which are easily available in India.

As everybody knows, crispy meals are made with a deep-frying technique which uses a lot of oil. And it is obvious that oil contains a lot of calories. Therefore, this deep-fried food is not good for our health and our body. But if you have an air fryer at your home then things become easier for you as you can eat your favorite crispy food, French fries, and nuggets, etc without any tension. Because an air fryer can cook crispy food without deep frying them. It uses hot air to cook the food instead of using oil which makes the food healthy and calories free. When the food comes out from an air fryer, it has 70% less fat as compared to the deep-frying technique.

Air fryers come in different capacities ranging from 1L to 6L one can select the capacity according to the need and size of their family. To gather more information about air fryers we will suggest you read this whole article so that you can easily select the best air fryer according to your needs.

Here is the list of the best 10 air fryers under 5000 in India:




  1. Inalsa air fryer with smart rapid air technology
  2. Prestige electric air fryer
  3. Glen rapid air fryer
  4. Stok smart rapid air fryer
  5. Agaro air fryer
  6. Inalsa air fryer (4.2L)
  7. BALTRA air fryer
  8. SKYLINE air fryer
  9. Brightflame air fryer
  10. Niki air fryer







  1. You can make healthy dishes with an air fryer because it doesn’t use oil and the dishes still tastes amazing.
  2. If you have an air fryer at your home then you can cook food quickly because an air fryer takes only a few minutes to cook food.
  3. An air fryer is multi-functional it can roast food items, steam them, or bake items.
  4. Air fryers are very compact they do not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen.
  5. Air fryers are very easy to use anyone can use them even kids can use them safely.
  6. Also, air fryers are very easy and safe to clean.




The air fryer is the latest electronic appliance that cooks food with hot air instead of oil. There are a heating component and a fan in an air fryer which puffs air in the cooking chamber. This hot air spins very quickly in a circular motion so that it can easily reach each and every surface of the food and thus, makes the surface of the food crispy. In addition, the food is kept in a perforated basket which increases its exposure to the hot moving air. Also, there is very minimal space between the wall of the cooking chamber and the basket which reinforces the heat.




  1. Inalsa air fryer with smart rapid air technology


Weight:2.6 kg

Dimensions:28.7 x 23.7 x 27.8 cm

Capacity:2.3 L
Power:1200 W



Inalsa air fryer is a fully adjustable air fryer that can cook a variety of snacks in it. It only consumes 1200 W of power. It takes very less get hot. You don’t have to pre-heat this air fryer every time. This appliance cooks food faster as compared to the conventional cooking method. If your family has 2-3 members then this air fryer is best for you. The fryer basket of this air fryer has a non-stick coating so that you can easily wash and clean it. This air fryer is the most affordable air fryer among all air fryers present in the market. This is one of the best Air Fryers Under 5000 in India 2021.



  1. Prestige electric air fryer



Weight:6.2 kg

Dimensions:27 x 27 x 32 cm

Capacity:2.0 L
Power: 1200 W



Prestige is one of the most respected brands in India. Therefore, you can trust their air fryer blindly. This prestige air fryer consumes 1200 W of power. This air fryer is present at a very reasonable price in the market. There are a timer and temperature controller in this appliance. You can easily touch the handle of the basket just after cooking because it doesn’t get heated. Also, its aesthetic looks and design can easily attract customers. This is a multi-purpose device in which you can not only fry food items you can also roast and grill them. Best Air Fryers Under 5000 with all good specifications.



  1. Glen rapid air fryer



Weight:5 kg

Dimensions:35 x 33 x 35 cm

Power:1350 W



Glen rapid air fryer comes with a compact and beautiful design. This air fryer doesn’t take the original taste of the food. But its power consumption is a little higher than other air fryers. The plus feature of this device is that it can cook food without using a single drop of oil. The durability of this product is higher because its outer body is made up of stainless steel. If you buy this air fryer then you can simply reduce the consumption of oil by 80%. This fryer can get your food ready very quickly and managing this device is also very easy.



  1. Stok smart rapid air fryer



Weight:5.26 kg

Dimensions:38 x 32 x 32 cm

Power:1350 W



Stok smart rapid air fryer comes with a double-layered grill and rapid technology in which you can cook a different variety of food and snack in your kitchen. Cooking food at home is healthy than buying it from outside. Even, the food is healthier because the food is cooked without using oil. The air fryer comes in a stunning red color which provides an elegant look to your kitchen. But if you don’t like bright colors then you can go for black or white. There is a one-year warranty available on this product.



  1. Agaro air fryer



Weight: 4.65 kg

Dimensions:25 X 12 X 28 cm



Agaro air fryer comes with a 3D uniform heating technology so that the food never remains uncooked. It consumes 1300 W of power. The basket of this air fryer is non-sticky. Agaro air fryer comes with a long power cord. It has a 2.8L capacity which can easily fulfill the needs of your family. Also, you can easily control the temperature of this air fryer. There is a one-year warranty available on this product.

  1. Inalsa air fryer (4.2L)



Weight:5.270 kg

Dimensions:29 x 36.5 x 32 cm

1400 W



So here is another air fryer by Inalsa. This air fryer has a beautiful black and white design which easily catches the attention of the buyers. This air fryer uses 1400 w of power which is really high for an air fryer. Still, it can be the best air fryer if used in a controlled manner. It has a quite large capacity of 4.2L so if there are 5-6 members in your family then this one is perfect for you. It cooks food really fast due to which crispiness and freshness of the food items remain preserved.


  1. BALTRA air fryer



Weight:4.14 kg

Dimensions:35 X 31 X 31 cm

Capacity:2.5 L
1400 W



BALTRA air fryer comes with a steel frying basket which ensures that it doesn’t corrode easily. Some excellent features of this air fryer are that there is an auto shut-off button with a timer alarm. There is also a stain-proof control panel. It consumes a power of 1400 w which provides you crispy and healthy food. There is a mitten, spatula, and silicon brush that comes along with the product as a compliment. The fryer basket is coated with non-stick material and it is very easy to disassemble it.


  1. SKYLINE air fryer



Weight:4.5 kg

Dimensions:34.99 x 34 x 34 cm

Capacity:2.2 L



SKYLINE air fryer is the next best air fryer in our list of best 10 air fryers under 5000. It comes with a capacity of 2.2L which is sufficient to serve a family that has 2-3 members. From samosa to french fries it can easily serve them in just a few seconds. Operating this device is very easy as there is an auto-switch off button which is beneficial when you accidentally turned it on in your kitchen. Any food item which is cooked in this air fryer comes out crispy and fresh because of the halogen element present in it.


  1. Brightflame air fryer



Weight:6 kg

Dimensions:36 X 35 X 37 cm

Capacity:3.2 L
Power:1350 W



Brightflame air fryer comes with a 3.2L capacity which is fit for a medium-sized family. The maximum temperature you can get in this air fryer is 200 degrees celsius. The outer body of this air fryer never gets heat up or never gets hot while the cooking procedure because its body is made up of plastic. You can easily place this device in your kitchen as it doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen because of its compact design.


  1. Niki air fryer 



Weight:5 kg

Dimensions:28 X 25 X 20 cm

Power:1500 W



Niki air fryer is the last air fryer present in or list. But don’t judge it by its rank as it is also one of the best air fryers present in the market. The power consumption of this device is quite high i.e, 1500 w.  however, it can effortlessly cook your food in just a few minutes because the hot air inside the air fryer circulates very fastly. Cleaning this appliance is very easy because all the parts of this device are safe for washing. It operates at a temperature range from 70-200 degrees celsius.



Before purchasing an air fryer, one must check some features in it. Those features are as follow:

  1. Capacity:

Air fryers are available in different capacities which range from 1L to 6L. The capacity of an air fryer is measured in terms of liters. If your family has 8-9 members then an air fryer with 5-6L capacity is perfect and if your family has 4-5 members then an air fryer with 3-4L capacity is best. A nuclear family can opt for an air fryer with a capacity of 1-2L.


Size of family capacity
8-9 members 5L to 6L
4-5 members 3L to 4L
1-2 members 1L to 2L


  1. Timer:

An amazing feature of the air fryer is time control so that you can select the timing according to the need of your recipe between 0-30 minutes. In addition, most of the brands provide automatic shut-down button. Due to which the air fryer automatically turn-off when the time gets completed.


  1. Power consumption:

Whenever you buy an electronic device, it is mandatory to check the power consumption of the device because in the future it will directly affect your electricity bill. An air fryer that has a large capacity consumes more power. The power voltage of air fryers ranges from 800-1500W. So, always check the power rating before buying one.


  1. Temperature:

We have already seen that air fryers work on hot air technology instead of oil to cook the food items. So, it is important to control the temperature which will save the food from burning. That’s why there is a temperature control button present in the air fryer so that you can select the temperature according to your need. The temperature controller ranges from 80-degree Celsius to 200-degree Celsius which sufficient for cooking both veg and non-veg food items.


  1. Safety:

As we all know, air fryers work on hot air technology which can create a possibility of burning. So, always check which type of material they have used in the air fryer. Most companies use stainless-steel material for making coils and handles of the air fryers because they are safe. Also, there are rubber feet in some air fryers to absorb vibrations.

Always check whether the air fryer matches the safety standards or not.


  1. Warranty:

If you are buying an air fryer always go for the company which gives you the maximum warranty. Normally companies provide a one-year warranty on air fryers. Some companies also provide free customer services along with a one-year warranty.


  1. Price:

We Indians always make a budget before buying some electronic appliance. And this same goes with the air fryer. A good air fryer comes in a range of 3000-6000 rupees. The price sometimes varies because of features. But, because of price never compromise with the quality of the product. Always buy a product which is made of good quality.






If you want your food to be healthy and hygienic then it is mandatory to clean it properly. It is very easy to manage and clean an air fryer. Here are some points which can help you to clean an air fryer with less time consumption:


  • If you want to clean your air fryer then make sure that it is cooled down.
  • If it is completely cooled down, then remove the fryer basket and clean it normally as you clean other utensils.
  • Then upturn the air fryer and check if any oil is present there in the air fryer.
  • Then use a mushy brush to clean the area all around the heating component.
  • Now, clean the area again with a cloth.
  • And eventually, your cleaning process is completed. Now you can put the air fryer in its normal position.


It is suggested to clean the air fryer 5 times in a month so that it can more effectively and efficiently.




  1. Do we need to pre-heat the air fryer?

It is not mandatory to pre-heat the air fryer. But if you do pre-heating for 2-3 minutes then it will reduce the cooking time.


  1. While the air fryer is working, can I add ingredients to it?

Yes, you can add ingredients to the air fryer while it is working.


  1. How much time an air fryer consumes to cook frozen food items?

Frozen food takes more time in getting ready than any other food item. You can simply set the temperature and timing according to your need.


  1. Can we shake food items while the air fryer is operating?

Yes, you can shake food items while the air fryer is operating. Because it helps the food to become more crispy.


  1. How to cool down the air fryer quickly after use?

The air fryers automatically cool down after use. But if you want to cool the air fryer more quickly then you can remove the fryer basket after cooking the food. Also, you can put water in that basket.




In the end, I would like to conclude that an air fryer is a necessity for you if you want to eat crispy snacks without oil. Apart from providing you a list of the best 10 air fryers under 5000 we also have provided you various other things that will help you to select the best air fryer for your home.

If you want to know everything about air fryer, then it is mandatory to read every single detail given in this article.


In our recommendations, Insala air fryer is best among all that why it has grabbed the first position in our list because of its unique features. They also provide you a warranty for 2-years.


I hope this article has helped you. If you still have some questions in your mind related to the air fryer then you can comment on them down, we will love to answer all your questions.


Happy shopping 🙂


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