Top 10 Best Water Purifier For Home Use in India With Specification and Features- 2020 List

best water purifier for home

Looking for the Best water purifier for the home?


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Water is a very essential thing for every human being without water we cannot survive. As you already know, in today’s time tap water in our home is fully loaded with impurities and hazardous chemicals because of pollution so this tap water is unsafe for consumption.

These tap water can cause illnesses like stomach infection, typhoid, cholera, and much more. And these hazardous chemicals weaken your immune system.


Boiling is a very effective method to reduce the effect of these chemicals but it’s quite time-consuming. Therefore Ro water filters are the first priority of every household these days because RO water purifiers provide a safe form of water to the entire family.


Technologies Used in Ro Water Purifiers


Ro water purifiers come with a combination of advanced technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF), and Ultra Violet (UV). These technologies help us to remove all the impurities from water like Dust, mud, sand, bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, dioxins and etc.


Buying a new water purifier for home is a good option to invest in your family health. Now the first question that comes in every mind is:-


Which is the best Ro Water Purifier for home use in India 2020?


So today, we are giving a detailed review of the top 10 Ro water purifiers for home use with specifications, features, and reviews. 

Please also keep reading if you have the same problem to find the best water purifier for home.





Best Water Purifiers for Home use in India – 2020 List


1 Kent Grand Plus RO+UF (Ultra Filtration) +UV (Ultra Violet) with TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Grand Plus is certified and awarded a water filter for home use. Kent Grand Plus comes with 7 stages of purification. It has a very fast filtration process. It gives you tasty, fresh, and healthy water to drink.


Specification of Kent Grand Plus RO -:


  • It has 7 Stage Purification with TDS Controller
  • It has Save Water Technology ( Recovers more than 50% of purified water)
  • One year warranty with 3 years of free service
  • It has a Filter Change Alarm
  • TDS controller to manage water thickness
  • Purification capacity up to 20Ltr/hour


Experts Reviews of Kent Grand Plus RO -:


  • It has Filter Change alert alarm
  • Storage Capacity is up to 8 Liters
  • It filters all type of water ( hard, groundwater, salty)
  • Certified and Awarded
  • Most Selling Ro at this Price
  • Fast Customer Support



Kent Grand Plus Ro is the safest and one of the best water purifiers for home use. Especially if you have little children at home. 


2 Blue Star Aristo RO+UV (Ultra Violet) Water Purifier



Blue Star Aristo Ro available in two colors – White and Black. It has a 6 Stage Purification Process. It also has a double-layered purification process to remove all the impurities from the water. It comes with ATB technology which helps to boot and maintain a good taste of water. Blue Star Aristo Ro is one of the best water purifiers for home, it gives healthy, tasty, and safe water to drink every time.


Specification of Blue Star Aristo RO -:

  • It has Child Lock Feature
  • It has UV fail alarm and full tank indicator
  • 6 stage purification Process
  • Low water pressure alert
  • 1-year warranty and free installation

Expert Reviews of Blue Star Aristo RO -:

  • Alarm Feature
  • Child Lock Function to reduce water wastage
  • ATB technology
  • Filter all types of water ( Salty, Hard, Sand)
  • Good Looking



Blue Star Aristo RO has excellent features and definitely suits in your modern kitchen.


3 Havells Max RO+UV (Ultra Violet) Water Purifier

Havels is one of the most trusted brands in India. Havells Max RO is a health benefits package for Indian families because it has natural elements to filtered water and it has minerals cartridge which adds all the essential minerals without compromising the purity. It has a seven-stage purification.


Specification of Havells Max RO


  • 7 stage Purification.
  • 8 ltr storage capacity
  • 15 ltr/hour purification capacity
  • Filter all type of water
  • Ravitalizer cartridge improves mineral and hydration absorption to make water tasty and healthier
  • Smooth flow


Experts Review of Havells Max RO


ü  Removable tank

ü  Advanced Alert System

ü  100% water passes from RO and UV

ü  Good Design

Havells Max RO has an amazing design that can fit with any kitchen. 


  1. Aquasure from Eureka Forbes RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier


The best feature of this water is it has energy-saving technology. If your water tank is full then it’s cut off power. It helps in saving a lot of electricity.  It has 6 ltr capacity.


Specification of  Aquasure from Eureka Forbes RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier


  • Energy Saving Feature
  • 6 liter Capacity
  • Efficient
  • 230 watts
  • 1 year warranty and free installation
  • MTDS technology helps to maintain the taste of water


Experts Reviews of  Aquasure from Eureka Forbes RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier


ü  Attractive Design

ü  Filter all types of water

ü  MTDS Technology

It has no filter change alarm which can cause issues. 


  1. KENT Super Star RO+UV (Ultra Violet)+UF (Ultra Filtration) +TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Superb Star has a multi-stage purification process which helps to filter all type of water forex – Sand, underground, tap water, etc. It also has a digital display that indicates the water purifier process. Kent Superb star Ro has to save water technology which saves water up to 75-80%. Kent superb Star Ro is the best water purifier for home use.


Specification of Kent Superb Star RO -:


  • Real-time Display Screen
  • Multi-Stage Purification Process
  • It has up to 20ltr/hour Purification Capacity
  • Reduce water wastage
  • One year warranty with three years free on-door service


Experts Reviews on Kent Superb Star RO –:


ü  9 ltr water storage tank

ü  Alarm for Filter change

ü  Reduce Water Wastage

ü  3 years of free service

Kent Superb Star RO has good features and reviews you can go for it.


  1. Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV (Ultra Voilet) +UF (Ultra Filtration) +MAT Water Purifier


It has 8 stages of Purification. Faber Galaxy Plus RO gives water purity with a high TDS level of up to 2,500 PPM. Faber Galaxy Plus RO comes up with MAT filter technology which adds essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and copper in drinking water. It has a 9 ltr storage tank.


Specification of Faber Galaxy Plus RO -:

  • 8 stage purification
  • 9 ltr tank storage
  • It has 13.5 ltr/hour purification capacity
  • Comes with free External Sediment Filter which is also known as External pre-filter
  • 12 months warranty


Experts Reviews on Faber Galaxy Plus RO -:

ü  Free external sediment filter

ü  Adds back essential minerals like calcium, copper, etc

ü  TDS level up to 2,500 PPM

It does not have features like Filter alert, filter change but still its many Indian family choices.


  1. HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO+UV (Ultra Violet) +MF+MP Water Purifier


It has a 7 stage purification process. It has the Marvella Sleek feature which ensures 100% water purification. This RO does not have a TDS controller. It has an 8 ltr storage tank.


Specification of HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO:-

  • 7 stage purification process
  • 1 year warranty
  • 8 ltr storage tank
  • Adds essential minerals like magnesium and calcium
  • 20ltr/hour purification capacity


Expert Reviews on HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO -:


ü  Filter change Alert

ü  Good for old age people

ü  Maintain water taste


HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO has good specifications and reviews that’s why it deserves to be in the list of top 10 best water purifiers for home use in India.



  1. Pureit Copper+ RO


This RO has 7 stage purification. Pureit Copper+ RO uses an advance technology that adds copper in every glass of water. It has an 8ltr Storage tank. Pureit Copper+ RO is top selling RO. This is the best water purifier for your home because of its specifications and reviews.


Specification of Pureit Copper+ RO


  • Purified water with essential minerals like copper
  • Filter change alert
  • LED indicator for storage tank
  • Option to add water without electricity
  • 1 year warranty
  • 28lts/hour purification capacity
  • 8 ltr storage tank



Expert Reviews on Pureit Copper+ RO

ü  Attractive Design

ü  Filter Change Alert

ü  Dual water Dispensing

ü  LED indicator

ü  Pureit Copper+ RO has brilliant functions


  1. Hindware Elara RO+UV (Ultra Violet) +UF (Ultra-Filtration) +Mineral Water Purifier


It has 7 Stage purification. Hindware Elara RO purifying water with a high TDS level up to 1,800 PPM. It has a 7 ltr storage tank. Hindware Elara RO improves the taste and balance of pH level to make water healthy for our body.


Specification of Hindware Elara RO


  • 7 stage water Purification
  • 7 ltr storage tank
  • 12ltr/hour purification capacity
  • 1 year warranty
  • TDS level up to 1800 PPM


Experts Review on Hindware Elara RO


ü  Add minerals

ü  Good style

ü  Filter all source of water

ü  100% water purification

Hindware Elara RO now has all the most important characteristics and is a great water purifier.


  1. AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier


It has 8 stage purification. It has Mineraliser Technology which helps to add essential minerals in purified water. AO Smith has two water tanks, one for normal water and the second for hot water. It is the best water purifier for a home for those who have a higher budget. This is also an Amazon choice product.


Specification of A) Smith Z8 RO:-


  • 8 stage purification
  • 2 separate tanks
  • 15 ltr/hour purification capacity
  • 1-year warranty with essential parts like filter and etc
  • Adds essential minerals in purified water


Review of AO Smith Z8 RO –:


ü  Saves water

ü  10ltr total storage capacity

ü  Purified hot and normal water

ü  Modern design and digital display

ü  Night Glow of RO is unbeatable

We classified this at 10 places in our best household water purifier due to its levels. If you have a good budget then go for it.


Why Do You Need to Buy a Water Purifier For Your Home?


For a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to drink clean and healthy water for everyone. Choosing the best water purifier is the most important thing. Impure water contains bacteria, sands, dust, pesticides which can cause very harmful diseases.


Why Water Purifiers are Important for Indian Homes?


  • Water Purifiers filters almost 99% of germs, bacteria, chemicals and etc and adds essential minerals in the water
  • Most homes in India get underground water supply which is not good for the family. The water purifiers reduce the hardness level of water and make it soft and healthy for drinking
  • The latest technology use in water purifiers removes invisible impurities like Bacteria, viruses, chlorine
  • The filters with TDS controller always check the water quality and make sure to give safe and healthy water for drinking


Recommended best water purifier for your home: 

This is the most genuine, full, and accurate details on ‘stuff to look for when you buy a purifier’ anywhere on the Internet.

If you buy a water purifier for the first time, the following information would be very useful. Buyers are puzzled most of the time and are not sure what to look for before buying a new purifier.

We tried to keep this guide as short as possible while ensuring that no crucial detail was missed.


  1. Water Source

It is one of the most important and first things to remember when you intend for your home or workplace to buy a new water purifier.

Indian drinking water sources are the most common:

  •         Borewell/Groundwater
  •         Municipal Corporation Supply
  •         Lake/Ponds
  •         Rivers

A growing source of water contains different types of impurities and involves various kinds of cleaning.


  1. Impurity Types

Unfortunately, your drinking water can be contaminated with a wide variety of impurities. Visually clean water can contain several dangerous impurities. Visible impurities, such as dirt, sand, canals, etc., are easy to distinguish because either they can be seen in the water or they contribute to water coloration. Chlorine, the chemical disinfectant most frequently used, leaves a characteristic smell and a bitter taste.


  1. TDS Level of Water

The total concentration of all dissolved substances in water reflects the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Discarded solids can pass through a 2-micrometer (or smaller) pores filter easily.


The most basic and primary requirement is to identify the level of TDS in the water, which gives preliminary information about how contaminated it is. Digital TDS meters are conveniently and affordably available online.

Measured in ppm or mg / L, the TDS amount provides you with a simple indication of the dissolved solids in your drinking water.

As at the end of the last point we can see, the big catch is here, and the TDS meter shows you how heavy the dissolved solids are.


  1. Technology of purification

We won’t discuss each of the water purification technologies here just to keep this guide short.

For all this stuff, please refer to our comprehensive water purifier guide.

Important Note: If a heavy metal or harmful chemical impurities such as herb, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, etc. are present in the water, there is no other choice than to use a RO purifier. This is because these harmful impurities cannot be replaced by any other water purifier.

Like most people, it is often advisable to select a water purifier for Universal or multi-stage RO if you are not aware of any kind of impurities (excluding the TDS level and visible impurities).

The UPP is a concept used in multi-level purifiers for RO+UV+UF. They ‘re called universal water purifiers because all the common impurities they find in drinking water can be filtered out.


  1. Capacity for purification

The purifying power is the quantity of filtered water provided by an hour by a water purifier. Most RO water purifiers have 12-15 liters/hour purifying capacity. However, some high-end models provide up to 20 liters/hour or higher purification efficiency. The 12-15 liter/hour purification power is suitable for most households in India.


  1. Capacity for transport

Together with some UV water purifiers, a holding tank for filtered water is available for most other water purifiers. It helps you to still have access to clean water.

Capacity storage for water purifiers varies from 7 to 12 liters. Each water purifier with 7-liter or higher storage capacity is suitable for most Indian homes.


  1. Alerts & Indicators

Indicators & warnings in water purifiers are critical but often ignored. For a second, think about the UV lamp for your UV / UV+UF or RO+UV failures, and the water is continuing to be supplied by the purifier.

You have no way of knowing whether the UV lamp is working or not, without a warning/alarm failure. Many filter adjustments often alert you of the need to uninstall the filters.


  1. Installation type

You can use a water purifier, which can either be mounted on the counter or built on the wall, depending on the room available and your personal preference.

You may want to save space under a sink water purifier if you do not have space on the kitchen counter or the wall of the kitchen. Under the sink can easily be installed water purifiers underneath your kitchen sink.


  1. Water Recovery / Water Wastage

Looking at the worldwide water crisis, it is critical that only when appropriate, you buy a RO water purifier. If the TDS amount is below 500 PPM, don’t buy a RO water purifier. Water contains no dangerous chemicals or heavy metals.

Switch to brand names and models that have a higher water recovery ratio if you buy a RO water purifier.

Facilities such as child lock on tap also avoid accidental water wastage.


  1. Warranty & After-sales.

Regular maintenance and support for after-sales water purifiers are required. You must also pick a brand that offers excellent customer service.

Go for reputable brands with an established customer service network and a minimum 1-year guarantee. You will also find goods and brands with extended guarantees.


  1. Price

Water purifiers (gravity-based) begin at Rs. 1,500 and can grow to Rs. 40,000 or higher.

Yet the price should not be the first factor in your buying decision if you purchase a water purifier. It is because it often matters more to the welfare of your family than to save a few hundred or several thousand rupees.

Fortunately, water purifiers became cheaper over the years, as are cell telephones and LED TVs. With the popular 6- or 8-stage RO water purifier you have a lot of options and price starts from just as low as Rs. 8000.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1.       What is the benefit of buying a water purifier online?


If you buy water purifier from trusted online sites like Amazon, Flipkart then you can enjoy many benefits like:-

  • 100% original product
  • Free installation
  • You can get water purifiers at best deals, offers and attractive price
  • You can get a free extra warranty period
  • Credit card discounts
  • Compare option
  • You can read customer reviews, ratings


  1.       Should I buy a non-branded RO at Half Price?


No. We do not recommend our readers to buy non-branded RO because :

  1.       Poor customer support
  2.       They use low-quality products
  3.       They use low-quality filters




  1.       Which Brand has excellent customer service support?


Nowadays all the good brands are focusing on providing better customer service. Make sure to read reviews on their customer support before buying any product.


  1.       What is the Maintenance cost of water purifiers?


All water purifiers need some maintenance because parts like filters need to be replaced after some time. Many water filters brands offer AMC packages in which all the electronic parts, consumables, and services.


  1.       Is the RO water purifier good for health?


Yes, RO water purifiers will not have any negative impact on your body. RO water purifiers give you healthy and safe water to drink.



Conclusion –



RO Water Purifiers are very important to use in Indian homes because Indian homes have a different source of water which may carry impurities which is not good for anyone.


This brings to the end of reviewing products. Hopefully, I covered all your queries related to the best water purifier for home use. Hope you enjoy reading this information.


If you have any other query then let us know in the comment section.

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