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best electric egg boiler in india

Are you an egg lover? But hate boiling them because it is a really time-consuming and difficult task particularly when you need an excellently soft or hard-boiled egg. It gets more difficult for those who woke up late in the morning and basically depends on eggs for satisfying their breakfast needs. But if you have an egg boiler at your home then this time-consuming difficult task can become effortless and easier. They are very easy to manage, a simple and effortless one-touch can give you your favorite perfectly boiled eggs. Even there isan option to control the heat, if you want soft eggs then you can adjust the heat according to that and vice-versa.

From midnight snacks to a complete meal an egg boiler can full fill all your needs. It allows you to cook an egg in different ways like an Omelet etc. Also, it doesn’t want your constant attention you can do other work along with boiling eggs. There are different capacity egg boilers available in the market.

Now, as you are going to buy an egg boiler it is obvious that you want your egg boiler to best among all that you won’t regret after purchasing. But, selecting the best egg boilers from all the different options available in the market is quite a difficult task. But as you reached this website and reading this article, then you don’t have to worry because we are going to provide you a list of the best 10 electric boilers available in India from which you can easily pick the one which looks perfect to you.




  1. Kent instant egg boiler (16020)
  2. Goodway electric egg boiler
  3. Simxen electric egg boiler
  4. Prestige electric egg boiler
  5. PetRice electric egg boiler
  6. CurioCity electric egg boiler
  7. Butterfly electric egg boiler
  8. Kent electric egg boiler (16053)
  9. Inalsa electric egg boiler
  10. TUSA electric egg boiler

Kent instant egg boiler (16020)




Weight:1.65 kg

Dimensions:115 x 115 x 125 cm

Power: 220 V

Capacity: 7 eggs



 Kent instant egg boiler is one of the most trusted electric egg boilers in India. It provides three modes to you for boiling eggs- soft, medium, and hard. It comes with auto-turnoff technology so that you can do some other work while the eggs are boiling. The body of this egg boiler is made up of stainless steel. It boils eggs faster than any other egg boiler. In just 3 minutes, it is able to boil 7 eggs. This appliance is very portable because of its size and weight. There is a warranty for one year with this product.


Goodway electric egg boiler




Weight:500 g

Dimensions:18.3 X 16.5 X 16 cm

Power: 200 W

Capacity: 5 eggs



 Goodway electric egg boiler is the most budget-friendly available in the market. It comes with an automatic turn off technology which saves you time because you don’t have to check eggs again and again. Also, there is a buzzer available in this appliance it will alert you whenever the eggs get ready. This appliance is very easy to manage, on a single touch you can start the boiling process. This device can boil 5 eggs at a time. If your family has 3 members then this appliance is best for you. There is a warranty of six months with this product.

Simxen electric egg boiler





Weight:390 g

Dimensions:15 x 12 x 6 cm

Power: 350 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



 Simxen electric egg boiler has an aesthetic design that can boil 7 eggs in just 10 minutes. The material used in this appliance is steel and plastic both of which make it very lightweight. It has an automatic turn-off feature which can save a lot of your time because you don’t have to check the eggs in regular time intervals. This device is multi-functioning which means you can steam vegetables other than eggs. There is a warranty for one year with this product.



Prestige electric egg boiler





Weight:1.5 kg

Dimensions:12 x 12 x 12 cm

Power: 360 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



 Prestige electric egg boiler has three different levels of boiling- soft, medium, and hard. To select the level, you have to simply add the correct amount of water to it, with the help of a measuring cup. This boiler can easily boil 7 eggs at the same time. Operating this device is very easy on a single touch the boiler will start doing its work. It automatically turns off its switch when the boiling process gets completed. Also, there is a one-year warranty given by the company to its customers.


PetRice electric egg boiler




Weight:530 g

Dimensions:31 x 16 x 17 cm

Power: 210 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



Patrice electric egg boiler is a multi-purpose egg boiler which not only boils your eggs but can also poach your eggs. It can easily boil 7 eggs in just 8 minutes. The cooking base of this appliance is non-sticky and the body is made up of good quality plastic. Operating this device is very easy, you just have to penetrate the egg then add water with the help of a measuring cup that comes with this appliance then you just have to close the lid and click on the start button. After that, it will automatically turn off when the eggs get perfectly boiled. This device makes sure that you get a healthy and delicious meal.



CurioCity electric egg boiler





Weight:0.84 pounds

Dimensions:16 X 16 X 16 cm

Power:350 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



 CurioCity electric egg boiler is a very affordable electric boiler. It can boil seven eggs at one time. If your family is a medium-sized family then this egg boiler is best for you. The inner body of this appliance is made up of stainless steel while the outer body is made up of plastic. You can use this egg boiler in two ways, the first one is that you can boil eggs in it and second you can also steam other things in it. The only disadvantage of this product is that there is no warranty. Still, it is easy to use and energy efficient egg boiler.


Butterfly electric egg boiler





Weight:1 kg

Dimensions:15.8 x 15.8 x 16.4 cm

Power: 360 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



 Butterfly electric egg boiler is compact as well as elegant. It can boil eggs in three modes-medium, soft, and hard. It can easily boil 7 eggs at the same time. This egg boiler comes with a transparent lid so that you can see how the eggs are boiling. The device uses 360 w power to boil eggs deliciously and perfectly. An egg tray, measuring cup, and a serving bowl comes along with the packages. There a maximum one-year warranty with the product.


Kent electric egg boiler (16053)






Dimensions:18.5 x 15.5 x 16 cm

Power: 360 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



 This is another best product launched by kent. It can boil 7 eggs in a single time. Operating this device is very easy, on a single touch it starts working. It also has an auto cut-off feature so that you don’t have to look after the eggs again and again. The device consumes 360w power which makes it energy efficient. There are three modes available in this appliance for boiling eggs -soft, hard, medium so that you can have the desired meal. You can get a one-year on this product as well.

Inalsa electric egg boiler





Weight:680 g

Dimensions:18.2 x 15.7 x 12.3 cm

Power:1500 W

Capacity: 7 eggs



Inalsa electric egg boiler comes at a reasonable price. It can easily boil7 eggs at the same time. It is a multi-functioning device that boils, half boils, or steam vegetables too. The material used in this device is food-grade stainless steel which ensures that the product lasts longer than usual. This electric egg boiler comes with a piercing pin and a measuring cup. A one-year warranty is there on this product.

TUSA electric egg boiler





Weight: 480 g

Dimensions:16.4 x 16 x 16 cm


Capacity: 7 eggs



TUSA electric egg boiler is able to boil 7 eggs in just 10 minutes. It boils eggs perfectly. This electric boiler is very lightweight and small. It is very easy to manage because it comes with a single touch function. This device is multi-functioning it can boil eggs as well as steam other vegetables too. There is a poaching tray, boiling tray, omelet bowl, measuring cup, and a transparent cup which comes along with this electric egg boiler. A two-year warranty is given by the company to its customer on this product.




  1. An egg boiler is easy to handle and can boil your eggs easily and swiftly.
  2. If you have an egg boiler then you don’t have to monitor the eggs while they are boiling. In the meantime, you can do some other work.
  3. The eggs which come out from the egg boiler are perfectly boiled which will enhance its taste.
  4. Cooking in an egg boiler is safer than a gas stove because of its timer and auto turn-off feature.
  5. It consumes less water for boiling the egg as compared to a gas stove.


There are two types of egg boilers available in the market. One must need to know about them. They are:

  1. microwave egg boiler
  2. countertop egg boiler


  • Microwave egg boiler

A microwave egg boiler cannot work on its own. It needs a microwave to boil eggs. Only if you have a microwave at your home, then only you can go for a microwave egg boiler. It basically looks like a utensil in which you can place the eggs, add water, and then put them into the microwave so that they can boil your eggs.

These microwave egg boilers are easy to clean. Also, the boil eggs faster than a countertop egg boiler.


  • Countertop egg boiler

A countertop egg boiler can work on its own, it is very easy to manage and also requires very little place in your kitchen. In this egg boiler, you can get your eggs cooked in a different texture. And also, there is a timer option available in this type of egg boiler so that you don’t have to monitor the eggs all the time. Because of which you will be able to spare some of your time.


Now, it’s all depends on you, which egg boiler fits your needs properly because both the egg boilers and unique and good in their own ways.





If you want to eat a perfectly boiled egg then you have to follow certain steps carefully which are:


Step:1 Penetrate the egg

The first step to take if he/she wants to boil eggs in an egg boiler. Penetrate the egg with a small pinon a broad end so that the egg doesn’t crack while the process of egg boiling.


Step:2 Put the egg on the tray

Now, the next step is to place the egg carefully in the egg tray. Ensure that the penetrated side of the egg faces upward.


Step:3 Add water into egg boiler

Now, add water to the egg boiler with the help of the cup which came along with the boiler. If you want a hard-boiled egg then you have to add more water to the egg boiler and similarly if you want a soft-boiled egg then add less water to it.

Also, refer to the manual given along with the boiler to determine the amount of water to be added to the boiler because it varies from boiler to boiler.


Step:4 Place the lid on the egg boiler

Now, you need to put the lid on the egg boiler, do it carefully. After covering the device, you need to turn on the device and then leave it for some time so that eggs get perfectly boiled.


Step:5 Plunge in cold water

After the eggs get boiled, simply open the lid and then put the tray of eggs in cold water. This step will give you a perfectly boiled egg.


After all these steps you can simply enjoy your meal.



So, I think now you must be enticed to buy an electric egg boiler. It must be best too. Right? For buying the best electric egg boiler you must consider the following points which are written below:


  1. Material

The first thing to check while selecting the best electric egg boiler is its material. The material used in it will decide that how long-lasting the product is. Boilers in the egg boiler must be made up of stainless-steel becausethey ensure thatthe product willlastlong. It will also hold its shine for a longer period of time.

Plastic egg boilers are also available in the market but must check that they don’t get extra heated.


  1. Capacity

There are 6-12 slots in an egg boiler normally. Always, consider an egg boiler that has more egg slots because boiling the egg in two shifts is very time-consuming. Having a boiler with more slots will save you time. Even if there are fewer members in your family then also you can go for an egg boiler that has more slots because you can leave egg slots empty.


  1. Safety measures

Always buy an egg boiler that hasan auto turn-off feature in it. It will make sure that your eggs get perfectly boiled and it will also protect your eggs for extra heating.

Also, check whether the egg boiler has boil-dry protection or not. Because sometimes there is no water in the boiler then this feature will automatically switch off the boiler. It acts as a safety feature in the boiler.


  1. Warranty

Warranty is one of the most important things to check before you purchase any product. Usually, every reputed company providesa one-year warranty to their customers and some companies also extend this for some more time after one-year.


  1. Lid

There are two types of lid available for egg boilers. Some egg boilers have a plastic lid and some have a steel lid. Plastic lids are transparent so that you can check while the eggs are boiling. Always check whether the plastic used in the lid is of prime quality or not.

Whereas, steel lids are long-lasting. But they’re not transparent so that you can’t check the eggs while they are boiling.


  1. Power expenditure

Before buying any egg boiler always check how much power does that electric egg boiler consumes because more power consumption means more electricity bill. However, the devices which consume more power are more efficient. Mostly, the egg boilers consume450 watts of power and also work efficiently which is a good thing.


  1. Time

Usually, a good electric egg boiler takes around 10-7 minutes for boiling the eggs. But sometimes this time can be 14 minutes or more which basically relies on the size and model of the boiler.

You simply can’t negotiate with the quality of food just because it takes less time.One should select an electric egg boiler that takes reasonable time don’t just buy a boiler that consumes very little time. Make sure that it perfectly boils the egg.


  1. Multi-functioning

Check whether your egg boiler is multi-functioning or not. Because there is some egg boiler which allows you to boil an egg as well as steam vegetables in it. While some of them come withan omelet tray as well. It is good to have some extra features in your egg boiler so you can enjoy multiple functions in one device.





  1. Can we cook an omelet in an egg boiler?

Yes, we can cook an omelet in an egg boiler only if your egg boiler has a specific tray for making an omelet.

  1. Is it safe to use egg boilers?

Yes, it is safe to use egg boilers as long as your egg boiler has advanced safety features. Those egg boilers will be a little expensive but health is more important than wealth.

  1. Is it safe to use plastic egg boilers?

Yes, plastic egg boilers are safe to use as long as their plastic is made up of food-grade plastic and is not toxic. However, the best quality of egg boilers is the ones that are made up of stainless steel. But they are expensive. So, if you want an egg boiler that is affordable as well as durable then plastic boilers are best.

  1. How long does the egg stay fresh?

An egg stays fresh for 5 weeks when they keep it in the fridge.

  1. why do we need a needle in the egg boiler?

We need a needle in the egg boiler because when we set eggs in the egg boiler, we need to penetrate the egg from the board side of the egg. This ensures that the egg does not crack while boiling. But make sure that this penetrated side of the egg faces upward while boiling.






If you love to have eggs for breakfast and want them perfectly boiled then an electric egg boiler is a necessity for you. Because it will provide you an appetizing and healthy breakfast. So, we have provided you a list of the best 10 electric egg boilers which their features and specification so that you can easily pick the one which perfectly suits your need as well as budget.

Our recommendation:In our recommendation, Kent electric egg boiler is best of all because it provides you one-year warranty and can easily boil 7 eggs in just three minutes. It is the perfect tool for having a healthy and delicious breakfast.

If you have any further queries related to the electric egg boiler then you can comment them down in the comment section, we will feel happy to answer your queries. Also, give us feedback about the article in the comment section.


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